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Boulder and Denver, Colorado based professional photographer Robert D. Jones specializes in photography for advertising, commercial, catalog and editorial use.

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Little Extras

  • Record keeping of lighting setups, camera values, and processing recipes to ensure the photos are consistent.

  • Live previews of what is being shot, as it’s being shot, either emailed or texted to remote clients who can’t be on set. Any change requests and adjustments will be made immediately to get the exact photo you need.

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Pre and Post Production

  • Location scouting

  • Model and talent casting

  • Backup locations for weather issues

  • Catering/food arranging

  • Retouching

  • Discussing options for budget conscious projects

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We know sometimes it might be more expensive to do it right, and it might take a little more time, but to us the final product we deliver proves we care enough to produce the highest quality work in everything we do.

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We’re not going to leave you scrambling. If you’re on a last-minute deadline, then we’re on a last-minute deadline. We understand the way business works, and that it always comes down to the bottom line, so we’re going to make sure you look good, and at the same time, provide good value.


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We’re here to support you, your needs and your goals. We love what we do, and learned long ago that listening to our clients and delivering on our promises is the best way to build long-term relationships.



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