Plastic Cameras

Toying with Creativity

Plastic cameras afford the freedom to be creative without having an attachment to the outcome.

I have a variety of cameras I use when I'm making photographs and some of my favorites are made of plastic like the Holga, Fuji Instax 200 and the Lomography Fisheye ll. The Holga uses 120 film the Fuji uses instant film and the Fisheye ll uses 35mm film. 

I use these very unsophisticated cameras for a number of reasons. There's no worrying about white point, exposure compensation or even focusing. It's really quite liberating to just make pictures. I have an idea of what's on the film but it's only confirmed when I get the prints back from the lab.


Mike Early morning start at the Laramie Enduro in Laramie WY.

Kyle Waiting for a table at Efrain’s.

Marla Streb Single Speed Mountain Bike World Championships - Napa, CA 2008

John's Rambler 1960's Rambler American.

Sprung mailbox Boulder County, CO.

Jim Jim as the Stig.

Kim & Frank Sinatra Getting ready to go for a ride.

LeBaron GTC Drop-head Coupe by Chrysler On a windy day in Gunbarrel, CO

Dave Dave at The Club in Hudson, FL.

Mike Pit stop at the Laramie Enduro. Laramie, WY.


Fisheye Lotus Exige Lotus Car Club meeting in Indianapolis, IN.

Cadillac Limo Waiting in Boulder, CO

Soulcraft Team Rider 100% Custom Luchador Mask! August 24, 2008. Single Speed World Championship. Napa, California.

The Plains of Kansas Somewhere on I-70 in Kansas, USA

Plastic Camera Sunset Boulder County, CO.


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