from sleek sports cars to menacing muscle cars AND rusted heaps

I’ve been fascinated with cars since Mom gave me my very first Hot Wheels and Dad took me to my first race.


There is no substitute


It’s my favorite sports car marque. From the 356 to the 911’s, the front-engined 9 series cars, the SUV’s and even the Panamera. I love them all, well, most of them.


Porsche 356A 1600cc Cabriolet.

Porsche 911 with Ducktail and Racing Stripes. Waiting.

Porsche 924S Interior with a Porsche 912 Reflection.

Porsche 356.

Porsche 911 993 model.

Porsche 928

The iconic Fuchs Wheel.

Half Targa.

Porsche 911 Turbo S


Parking Lot Nazca Lines and an Audi A4 Avant.


Toyota 86 custom wide-body.

Mac and his beautifully restored Chevrolet DeLuxe.

Mac and his beautifully restored Chevrolet DeLuxe.

Bill’s gorgeous Ford F100.

Nathan and his right-hand drive Toyota Ae86.

Tuner guy and his custom wide-body Toyota 86.

Hood ornament on Mac’s DeLuxe.

Bill and his exquisitely restored Ford F100.

Nathan’s Toyota Hachi Roku (86 in Japanese) that he imported from Japan.


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